MBGFR Trotter Cup




The Trotter Cup is awarded annually to the top player of the MBGFR.  The trophy is a perpetual trophy and is awarded in January to the top player. The trophy is named for our founder Dick Trotter, who passed away in 2015.

Here are the final 2017 Trotter Cup standings.

1st Place, Bob Wyrick, 300
2nd Place, Tom McKinney, 210
3rd Place, Gary Paden, 165
4th Place, Mike Laughlin, 100
 4th Place, Larry Rambaud, 100

Trotter Cup points are accumulated by the following method.

1st Low Net 25 points
2nd Low Net 15 points
3rd Low Net 10 points
4th Low Net 5 points

1st Low Gross 10 points
2ns Low Gross 5 points

Attendance at a MBGFR tournament 5 points. If the tournament is a two day event 5 points are awarded each day. If an event is cancelled after the player has travelled to the tournament site, 5 points are awarded.

MBGFR President Tom McKinney presents the Trotter Cup to 2016 winner Bob Wyrick.


1995 Dick Trotter - Pacific Grove
1996 Bob Wyrick - Clovis Sunrise
1997 Bob Wyrick - Clovis Sunrise
1998 Bob Wyrick - Clovis Sunrise
1999 Dick Trotter - Pacific Grove
2000 Gary Paden - Visalia Downtown
2001 Kenn Freel - Pacific Grove
2002 Sheldon Heckman - Stockton Seaport
2003 Sheldon Heckman - Stockton Seaport
2004 Mike Laughlin - Sierra Sunrise
2005 Bob Wyrick - Clovis Sunrise
2006 Bob Wyrick - Clovis Sunrise
2007 Mike Laughlin - Sierra Sunrise
2008 Mike Laughlin - Sierra Sunrise
2009 Tom McKinney - Pacific Grove
2010 Tom McKinney - Pacific Grove
2011 Larry Rambaud - Visalia
2012 Tom McKinney - Pacific Grove
2013 Tie: Tom McKinney - Pacific Grove, Larry Rambaud - Visalia
2014 Tom McKinney - Pacific Grove
2015 Larry Rambaud - Kingsburg
2016 Bob Wyrick - Arroyo Grande