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Tahoe Two Day Includes Edgewood

Edgewood Golf ClubThe MBGFR heads back to Lake Tahoe in July and this year we've included South Shore's Edgewood Colf Club in the tournament.

Play begins at Coyote Moon Golf Club in Truckee on Saturday, July 20 with a first tee time of 10:30 a.m. We'll head South to Edgewood on Sunday morning. First tee time there is 10 a.m.

As a special "Thank You" to our loyal members, we're subsizing the cost of the two day event by $100. Cost for two days of golf including Edgewood Golf Club, cart, range and prize fund is $375. Cost for non-members is $475.

We've reserved tee times for 16 players and have already received commitments from 8 members so you should get signed up as soon as possible or you may be shut out. 

We're planning a group dinner on Saturday evening in Truckee so please let us know how many will be attending. 

Please send your entry to MBGFR, c/o Tom McKinney, 79760 Citrus, La Quinta, CA 92253. Questions? Contact President McKinney at tomsfins@comcast.net, 831-809-5733.

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