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Kevin Spencer

Kevin SpencerKevin lived in Rocklin for 25 years, moved to Tucson for six years and then moved to Clovis four and one half years ago to be closer to his kids and grandchildren.  From Kevin: My son and his family have two daughters and a son, and live in Clovis.  Two years ago my daughter, husband and their three daughters moved from Walnut Creek to Scottsdale for her husband's job promotion.  So much for moving back to California to be near them and the six grandchildren.  Looking forward to retirement in just under three years.  I currently enjoy corporate sales for UPS Freight.  I worked at FedEx Freight while in Sacramento.  So when that final day of work arrives I can truly say "I'm Fed-Up!" I look forward to meeting the club members and playing courses I don't normally have a chance to play.  Thanks goes to my club sponsor Jerry Schock who introduced me to the club.  Jerry and I met at the Ridge Creek Golf Club in Dinuba.


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