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low turnout for salinas

Only nine players signed up for our second two day tournament of the year last weekend.

Play began at Corral de Tierra Country Club on Saurday, April 27, and the field was divided into threesomes who played two best ball. The team of Lou Cosentino, Tom McKinney and Geary Engles won the money with a four under 140.

On Sunday at The Club at Crazy Horse Ranch, only two foursomes participated and they again played two best ball with three balls required on holes 9 and 18. Winning was the team of Tom McKinney, Bob Wyrick, Jim Pescatore and Chuck Sullivan with a 137 (17 under). Chuck had natural pars on three of the four par threes for net 1's!

The weather was beautiful both days and both courses were in perfect condition.

Thanks to Jim Pescatore for hosting. 

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