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Pescatore prevails at Tahoe

Jim PescatoreJim Pescatore (147) won overall low net honors at our recent two day event in Truckee. Second low net went to Kevin Spencer (148) and Jerry Schock (150) was third.

Play began on Saturday, July 14, at Gray's Crossing and Mike Mehan (68) took home low net money in a card-off over Jim Pescatore (68). Jerry Schock (70) was third.

On Sunday at Old Greenwood, Jim Brock (75) was first low net, Kevin Spencer (76) was second and Jerry Schock (78) again was third.

Saturday's closest to the flagstick winners were Gary Paden and Mike Laughlin and Tom McKinney and Doug Dinjian claimed the C-T-P cash on Sunday.

The group enjoyed dinner at Truckee's Bar of America on Saturday evening.

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